Location: 5001 Stone Mountain ParkwayThe Vineyards pool

Description: The Vineyards offers a salt-water pool with a stunning vista of the Grindstone Creek (south fork) valley. The pool is on two levels, with a waterfall cascading down a stone wall between the two levels.

The pool facilities are entirely enclosed by a fence accessible only through an electronically secured gate. Unlike the clubhouse, the pool is available only for the enjoyment of residents and up to five  guests.

The Vineyards uses an odorless salt-water chlorination system for its pool, which prevents eye irritation, is softer on skin and hair, does not bleach swimwear, and is better for the environment.

Upper-pool features:

  • From zero-entry to three feet deep, suitable for little ones.
  • Has nine arching jets, perfect for pool play.

Lower-pool features:

  • Depth ranges from three to five feet.
  • Is large enough for swimming laps, playing or lounging.

Other features:

  • An adjacent poolhouse has two extra-large restrooms/changing facilities.
  • A large bin where residents can store pool toys for enjoyment by all.
  • Ample seating on both levels. The upper level also offers a dining table and chairs. A pergola offers shade.
  • The area around the pool is nicely landscaped, and trees offer late-day shade.
  • Ample parking is available.
  • All pool facilities, including the poolhouse, are accessible.

Other considerations:

  • The pool is open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. There is no lifeguard on duty at any time.
  • Food and beverages: No food, beverages or gum allowed within three feet of the pool. Alcohol is allowed only on the lower level; glass containers are prohibited.
  • No running or diving is allowed.
  • Music and other noise: While we want residents and their guests to enjoy the pool, please remember that The Vineyards is a family-friendly neighborhood, and the city's noise ordinance applies. Music is limited to devices with headphones in use.
  • Please review the other pool rules.